ChoreMonster App

Are you having trouble getting your children to do their chores? You should an the ChoreMonster app that was recommended by one of our parents. ChoreMonster is a app available online, or for your iPhone or Windows phone.

How does it work?

For parents, you can quickly schedule chores to be done with point values. When your child says they are done, you approve and then they get their points. Add rewards that your kids can “purchase” from their point collection. A reward can be anything from a fun activity, money, gift, or camping trip.

For kids, they sign into the ChoreMonster mobile or web app that is easy to navigate for kids. They will see their chores for the day. Once they have completed the chore, they mark it with a “thumbs up”. They can save up their points for a reward. After each chore they also get to spin the wheel that gives new monsters for them to collect.

Visit them online for more information. You can also see the screen shots below to see inside the app.

KidsDoc Symptom Checker

The KidsDoc Symptom Checker is a graphical drawing of a child that allows you to hover over the portion of the body where your child is experiencing symptoms. You then click on the section to display a list of symptoms and select the symptom from the list. There is also a complete A-Z list of symptoms.

[info] – Symptom Checker.[/info]