1. According to the Arkansas Child Passenger Protection Act, which was approved February 28, 2001, a child should remain restrained in a child passenger safety seat until the child is approximately 60 pounds or about six years of age, then a safety belt is sufficient to meet the requirements of the law. The rear seat is the safest place for a child to ride.\
  2. Keep knives and other sharp objects out of reach.
  3. Teach your child the danger of following a ball or an animal into the street, but do not depend upon your child’s remembering such instructions.
  4. Advise your child to be careful around strange dogs and other animals.
  5. You may begin to teach your child to swim at this age. Even though your child may know how to swim, he/she is not watersafe at this age. Close supervision while swimming is a must.
  6. Your child should be taught his/her name, parent’s name, address and telephone number. Also, your child should be taught not to go with strangers or accept any food or candy from strangers.
  7. Your child should be taught what to do in case of a fire in the home.