Can I choose which provider my child sees?

Absolutely! Many parents prefer to see the same provider or providers. From a clinic standpoint we agree this helps provide a better continuity of care for the child. Monday-Friday 9 am – 430 pm parents can schedule appointments for their child with the provider of their choice.



I placed a call for the nurse and why haven’t they called me back yet?

If a parent requests to speak to one of our nurses, the information is initially taken by our telephone operator. Then it is sent to one of our staff nurses. Understandably, our nurses get a lot of telephone calls as well as other duties in the office with assisting our providers, and sometimes telephone calls take a couple hours to have an official response from our providers. However, if you should ever place a call to one of our nurses and not have a call back from our staff within 90 minutes, please call again!

When should my child been seen for well visits?

Ages for routine wellness exams are as follows: newborn, 2 weeks, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, and yearly at ages 2-18 (some insurance companies vary so please check with your specific carrier).

Should I take my child to the ER?

Our clinic telephone is answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Starting at 5 pm on weekdays and all weekend we have nurses from Arkansas Children’s Hospital Kids Care available to answer any concerns a parent has no matter the time of night: if your child has difficulty breathing or shortness of breath; if your child has had a change in mental status, such as suddenly becoming unusually sleepy or difficult to rouse, disoriented, or confused; if your child has a cut in the skin that is bleeding and won’t stop; if your child has a stiff neck along with a fever; if your child has a rapid heartbeat that doesn’t slow down; if your child accidentally ingests a poisonous substance or too much medication; or if your child has had more than minor head trauma.

How long can I come to The Children’s Clinic?

The Children’s Clinic will see children through birth to adolescence. When a child turns 18 or graduates from high school we will recommend and help you find an adult provider.

What services do you offer in house?

We offer digital xray, laboratory, EKG, spirometry, and vaccinations. We do not participate in the VFC program and ask those patients to go to their local health unit for vaccinations. We will help in this process by scheduling vaccine appointments at the health units upon request.

What if a provider outside of The Children’s Clinic wants me to have labs drawn, can I come there?

No. We refer those laboratory request to St. Bernards Reference Lab which is located in the same building as The Children’s Clinic. It is located in Suite 202 and is open Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm and no appointment is needed.

What if a provider from The Children’s Clinic wants me to have labs drawn, can I come there?

Absolutely! We ask that you schedule an appointment if it is a lab that our providers ask you to come back for. Sometimes our providers request “FASTING” labs. This is defined as a patient cannot eat or drink anything after midnight before the labs are drawn. We accommodate this request and schedule these labs first thing in the morning.

Also it is important that if a patient is having to have labs drawn by a venous sample (not a finger poke) that parents encourage their child to be well hydrated as this helps plump their veins up and make the whole experience go better.

Also if you are asked to bring back a urine or stool sample it is important that the specimens are refrigerated but not older than 24 hours.

Special Requests From Our Providers

Physician offices are sometimes a scary place for young children. They are often not familiar with the processes and have some stranger anxiety as well. Our staff and providers understand this and are patient and comfortable walking the children through these processes. We do ask that parents please do not threaten your child with them having to get a shot or labs drawn when they are anxious or misbehaving at an appointment. This only makes the anxiety escalate.

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