Childhood shyness is common and it causes concern for some parents.  A child may be shy because of many reasons, such as, harsh living situations, neglected or rejected.  In some cases, shyness can be disabling.  Extremely shy children can find it hard to socialize at school and the longer this goes on the more reclusive they can become.  Some children just need time to adjust to a new setting and they will do well in relationships and social settings.  Parents can guide their children into social situations and they can learn how to interact in a successful way.  Children want to be liked but sometimes are rejected by their peers.  When a child is rejected it could be because of their impulsive and disruptive behavior.  This can lead to a child being neglected.  Which often means they are ignored, forgotten, not invited to parties, or picked last for teams.  Successful socializing interactions require skills and special ways of interacting.  Parents should look for these skills in their children and help develop them.

  • Forgiving
  • Apologizing
  • Expressing  affection
  • Sharing
  • Asking for help
  • Helping others
  • Comforting someone
  • Doing favors
  • Keeping secrets
  • Sticking up for a friend
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