Kid Friendly April Fools Day Pranks

No one loves April Fool’s Day as much as kids! Below are a list of kid-friendly pranks.

  • Turn all the photos in your home upside down.
  • Put a few drops of food coloring in your milk. Make sure your kiddo is watching when you pour their cereal.
  • Spill “milk” over your child’s electronics. You can make your “milk splatter” here.
  • Stick googly eyes on all the food in your refrigerator.
  • Stuff toilet paper in the toe of one of your kid’s shoes and insist one of their feet grew overnight.
  • Put a surprise toy dinosaur in the mailbox and ask your child to check the mail.
  • Switch the inside bags of two boxes of cereal
  • Pick up your kids from school wearing a funny wig
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